Providing high-reliability magnetic components to the defense industry for over 70 years


Offering custom magnetic solutions and an extensive catalog of MIL-STD-981 inductors & transformers for space applications


Designing, manufacturing and testing high reliability inductors & transformers for commercial and military avionics platforms


Innovating high temperature inductors and transformers for the most demanding environments with operating temperatures exceeding +200°C


Supporting all medical applications from lifesaving implantables to life sustaining monitoring devices

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Vanguard Electronics has an extensive line of high reliability inductors and transformers.
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HVFB Series

High Voltage Flyback Transformer

RFB Series

High Reliability Ferrite Beads

SHILO Series

Space High Current Power Inductors
Space (MIL-STD-981)

Requirements & Specifications

Custom products designed and built to your requirements and specifications


Solutions to design challenges of performance, size and mounting

Design & Manufacture

Custom Products

Vanguard Electronics designs and manufactures custom components for RF and Power applications. Vanguard understands that your needs are unique and that an off the shelf product is not always the solution you need. With a successful history of 70 years on designing the highest quality and innovative custom inductors and transformers, Vanguard is your trusted source to provide the custom solution that you need. Let our engineers design the solution from your requirements, whether it is very basic parameters or a fully developed SCD, Vanguard will optimize the solution to make it robust and ensure the quality you require for your application.

Vanguard’s custom magnetic designs service a wide range of applications, from high-reliability implantable devices to the most critical designs for space, avionics, and military systems. With a dedicated support team that is knowledgeable, responsive, and experienced in a wide range of custom magnetic products and applications, we can guide you through the development process of creating a SCD, to building a physical prototype for you, to developing a test plan per the standard that is called out respective to the program.

In addition, Vanguard Electronics’ vertically integrated operations allows cost effective options to design and develop our own tooling to achieve completely custom shapes, sizes and values in regards to each aspect of the electrical and mechanical configurations of the design.

We know that you are busy, Vanguard is here to help! Connect with Vanguard engineering today, so we can save you time and resources by developing the right magnetics solution for your application.

Our Mission

Mission Assurance


Designing and manufacturing high reliability inductors and transformers since 1952


Proven acceptance rate of 99.99%​


Domestic and offshore manufacturing plants


Timely solutions to design challenges and quick prototype turnaround

Competitive Pricing

Domestic and offshore manufacturing plants




Proud of it's

Vanguard Electronics is proud of its 70+ years of heritage in the defense and aerospace industry as a trusted and premier source for high reliability inductors and transformers. The company exists to partner with our customers and vendors to provide the highest quality magnetics that operate defect-free at a cost effective price. We value the expertise that we have developed over the last 7 decades that has led to millions of Vanguard parts being used in mission critical programs all over the world – from the most innovative fighter aircrafts to ground based missile defense systems to satellites orbiting in space to the depths of the earth for energy, Vanguard is a critical piece to the success of these programs now and for decades to come.


The iNRCORE Family of Brands work together to deliver exceptionally reliable electronic components that enable power and signal in the most extreme environments. Whether catalog or custom, our components deliver.

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