ITAR Compliance


  • Companies that make products on or for items on the USML (United States Munitions List) for defense related applications must register with the DDTC (Directorate of Defense Trade Controls)
  • DDTC registration does not carry with it any export rights or privileges
  • In order to ship USML products to a foreign country, a company must obtain an export license (DSP-5) from the DDTC
  • In order to manufacture USML or defense related products outside of the United States, a manufacturing license (MLA) by the DDTC is required
  • Vanguard is registered with DDTC and has an active MLA for its Mexico operation
  • Companies are expected to understand and comply with ITAR
  • Non-compliance is considered to be a serious offense and is subject to prosecution by the U.S. State Department
  • To be in compliance, companies must ensure that their suppliers comply with ITAR
  • Vanguard fully complies with ITAR