Vanguard Electronics Releases New Series of Shielded High Current Surface Mount Power Inductors

Vanguard Electronics, the leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced magnetics components, has released two new series of shielded high current surface mount power inductors, PL24 and PL25. This new series of power inductors is ideally suited for power supplies, POL and general power needs in the Defense, Aerospace, Space, Medical, Oil and Gas, and other industries with demanding applications.

The new power inductors from Vanguard Electronics, Huntington Beach, California offer state of the art capabilities for all applications. The parts are shielded and offer inductance ranges up to 1000uh with current ratings up to 8.5A. The parts exhibit very low DCR, which allows for excellent efficiency while keeping heat generated to a minimum. The parts are designed to meet the high shock and vibration commonly tested in MIL-STD-202 and have been tested well more than 100 thermal cycles described by MIL PRF 27.

“The Vanguard team is very pleased to announce the addition of the PL24 and PL25 to its extensive offering of power inductors. These new parts have been designed to meet increased market demand for high power and compact magnetics. The parts are offered in a tin/lead termination or in a RoHS offering. The parts are also compliant with MIL STD 981 or can be tested to your source-controlled drawing. In Q1 2022, you expect to release the MIL-STD-981 Space qualified, version SPL24 and SPL25.” Current lead-times are among the industry best, stock to 8-week delivery.”

“This is one of the most robust power inductors to enter the market. With operating temperatures from -55°C to + 125°C, this is going to be a workhorse of a part. It can be used in a variety of power applications ranging from missiles to radios, avionics, subsea, space and more. I am very proud of the innovation of the Vanguard team that has combined the high current, high efficiency performance requirements of the industry with the demands of a high reliability environment.”

Full engineering support is available for standard, customized or custom parts. Vanguard Electronics is anISO9001:2015 & AS9100D certified company and is the global leader in the manufacture and development of magnetics for High Reliability, Military QPL and extended temperature inductors and transformers. A cornerstone of Vanguard Electronics focus is on markets that demand, performance, reliability, and innovation.

About Vanguard Electronics

Vanguard Electronics has been an industry leader for over 70 years in the design and manufacture of inductors and transformers. With a reputation for reliability in the most demanding environments, Vanguard Electronics is a preferred supplier to major contractors in the defense, aerospace, space, medical and down-hole oil and gas industries. Vanguard offers a complete line of RF and Power components ranging from milliwatt chip inductors to 10kVA power transformers. The company is ITAR registered and ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified.


For more than 70 years, iNRCORE has designed and manufactured magnetic components that transmit high-speed, mission-critical signals and power in the harshest operating conditions. Designed to the tightest specifications and to military standards, iNRCORE components have operated on the frontlines of defense to the frontiers of space exploration. The iNRCORE Family of Brands include Vanguard Electronics, Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, HiSonic, TTE Filters, RCD Components, and Bicron Electronics. iNRCORE is ITAR registered and certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

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