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Vanguard Electronics designs and manufactures high reliability inductors and transformers for customers all over the world.

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Electrical Testing
Mechanical Screening

Electrical equipment is in-house and ready to test all types of products for Corona testing, DCR, DWV, Inductance, Impedance, SRF, S-Parameters, Turns Ratio, Polarity, Common Mode Rejection, Oscilloscope Analysis and other requirements for inductors and transformers. Testing capabilities range from frequencies of 1 Hz up to as high as 6 GHz and applied-voltages up to 50kV DC/AC. Vanguard has fully developed AS9100 and ISO 9001 approved procedures for necessary equipment to meet all military and space standards for electrical testing and mechanical inspections.

Advanced Environmental Lab

Vanguard Electronics not only designs and manufactures high reliability inductors and transformers, but has also established an advanced environmental laboratory that is authorized by the Defense Logistics Agency to perform qualification and other required testing. All testing is completed on-site at Vanguard facilities to meet the most stringent program requirements – MIL-PRF-27 (Grades 4, 5 & 6), MIL-STD-981 (Class S & Class B), NASA EEE-INST-002, etc.
  • Partial Discharge Detection System to perform Corona testing for High-Voltage Applications
  • Thermal Shock & Cycling
  • Life Testing (load/no load)
  • Mechanical Shock & Vibration Real Time X-Ray
  • Corona Testing for High-Voltage Applications (should be stated in electrical screening segment)
  • Pressurized Vacuum Chambers & Ovens


Vanguard takes the next step in securing the performance of parts by maintaining a cleanroom for its customers. Procuring this dedicated area allows Vanguard to provide a higher level of component manufacturing and controlled-environment testing
  • Suited to test parts accurately up to 6 GHz in a stable environment
  • Offers maximum control for performing failure-analysis
  • Designed & built to handle the production and testing of sensitive products for any industry (easily upgradable up to Class ISO 7 upon customer request)
  • Specialized for material-handling and inspection of parts to medical and space grade standards/certifications:
    • MIL-STD-981
    • ISO 13485